Cocoon Developments


With over 65,000 families in temporary accommodation, vulnerable people are often placed in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation. Councils are frequently forced to contravene guidelines, and keep tenants in bed and breakfast accommodation beyond the mandated 6-week period.

Meeting this rising demand for cost-effective temporary accommodation, Cocoon modular housing is versatile, quick to build and energy-efficient.

All units will have high thermal efficiency, fitted with LED bulbs and integrated proprietary power management and ventilation systems as appropriate, with the option of solar pv available.

Working within your council's budget, we use the nightly rate to fund a monthly management fee to meet your temporary housing needs. We enter an agreement with you for a number of years, which means you get back control of your housing solutions.

In order to maintain a mixed social environment, and because we recognize that in many areas of the country there is a particular need, we also aim to include private rental to key workers at a similarly low cost.