Who is Cocoon?

A small group of individuals with housing and finance backgrounds, who believed they could create a model to achieve affordable rent.

Why Use Cocoon?

We are a flexible solutions provider, who enable construction projects to go ahead without the need for tendering or capital expenditure.

What Can The Housing Be Used For?

We have an interim solution for urgent housing in areas with high levels of homelessness, together with permanent homes that can be successfully built with affordable rent in mind. Cocoon works with your local housing needs and your local housing budget.

How Do We Pay For It?

Our projects are based on your monthly expenditure on social housing, so no capital investment is required from you.

What If I Want Solar Panels?

These can be funded under a separate agreement, as can biomass and other renewable energy and low energy solutions.

We Have Subscribed to The National Space Standards

We can supply products that will accommodate these  – as long as the size and budget work with your income stream we can get it built.

What About Warranties?

All of our houses and any you specify need to last a minimum of the agreement length, but so you receive maximum benefit we like to ensure that anything we fund considerably exceeds this.

Do We Get Nomination Rights?


Who Maintains The Houses?

Our own rental developments are fully managed, with a resident warden for assistance and to arrange interim cleaning and minor repairs. You are only responsible for damage. If we are operating on your land, then you are only responsible for damage from tenants and wear and tear, but we would take care of any maintenance outside of this for the term of the agreement.

How is It Off Balance Sheet?

This isn’t asset finance or a loan, we charge you a management fee.