Cocoon Project

At Cocoon Project we can provide a real alternative to cramped and unsuitable temporary accommodation. Our developments will offer Local Authorities clean, comfortable and energy efficient housing, and put  you in control. These will be offered under long let, managed arrangements, to ensure stability and security for both you and your tenants.

In addition, we have a unique proposition where you can build social housing with no upfront costs or capital expenditure.  Our fully funded solution enables you to place our buildings on your land and rent directly from us, or operate a rental purchase arrangement where you can own the buildings at the end of the term. This scheme is suitable for all councils and social landlords and is off balance sheet, with no legal charges on assets.

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Cocoon Developments

We are acquiring land that is suitable for temporary housing. We will install the housing and let to local authorities to provide a fit for purpose alternative to current, often unsuitable and overpriced temporary housing. Sizes are expected to be between 30 and 50 units, some of which are also likely to be offered to key workers.


Build for You

You provide the land with planning. We build the scheme to building and planning regulations and finance your build. You continue to own the land. We own the housing and issue an agreement for between 10-20 years. Depending on spend, you can choose a straightforward rental option or to own the homes at the end of the term.


Our build or yours, it is the way we fund projects that is our proposition. There is no capital expenditure for our clients, just a fixed monthly cost.


You are always in control of the housing, with full nomination rights, which means we can create homes to meet your local housing requirements.

We are happy to work on everything from micro sites to large developments.

Renewable energy and low energy solutions can also be arranged (separately funded with no capital expenditure), helping to alleviate fuel poverty.

At Cocoon Project our flexible approach means we can adapt to suit most housing situations.


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