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With the affordable rent market requirement growing, and more and more people being made homeless,  Councils and Registered Social Landlords are under increasing pressure to bridge the gap.

Cocoon Project provides you with the solution to creating homes in an economic environment where cash is hard to find.



Our build for you solution covers interim portable housing for crisis situations through to full NHBC timber frame housing suitable for long term rental. 

Our innovative funding solution gives you the flexibility to build the housing you need in a manageable way.


Underused or redundant land such as garage sites and small strips of land are ideal. We're happy to make the most of everything from microsites through to large developments.

You provide the land with planning, we build the scheme to building and planning regulations. We take a percentage of the rent from the LHA for 10-20 years, you maintain the house and manage the renting of the homes for the term of the agreement.

If so arranged, at the end of the agreement you take ownership of the homes, therefore creating homes with no capital cost. Alternatively we just start a new rental agreement.