Many councils have housing that is below standard, perhaps vacant and that requires significant improvement work to bring it up to modern standards.

With the affordable rent market requirement growing with more and more people being made homeless pressure is being pushed onto Councils and Registered Social Landlords to bridge the gap.

Cocoon Project provides you with the solution to creating homes in an economic environment where cash is hard to find.



Cocoon Project is able to take your houses, either purchasing them or leasing them and using the rental to finance the programme of works.

Work would be to a standard expected in the private rental market and suitable for the tenants  you intend to house.

Any work would comply with building regulations and any other necessary legal requirements and be completed by either your preferred building contractors or our insured, vetted experienced contractors. 



You retain nomination rights for an agreed term, normally 10 – 20 years.

If we lease the houses from you, you retain ownership and maintenance of the refurbished units and we rent the homes to you between 10-20 years (depending on refurbishment spend) for 50% of the LHA rent income

At the end of the agreement there is no further liability and the homes and 100% of the rent pass back to you or if we have purchased the houses a further rental agreement can be agreed

If we buy the houses from you we guarantee full nomination rights on the refurbished homes for a period of 10 years plus at a fixed rent


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