Why Cocoon?


Flexible Terms


Any size or type of housing required

Tailored solutions to your needs

No consultancy fees to see a proposal



Cocoon Project believes we can build affordable homes and provide housing at affordable rents. We believe it is possible if we work together and pool resources. 

Housing related benefits are decreasing, putting more pressure on Councils and Social Landlords to provide low cost, suitable accommodation. Statutory requirements mean that sometimes these costs are far more than you are allocated to spend.


With land prices increasing, large developers needing shareholder value and labour costs inflated by skills shortages, we need a different approach.

To enable truly affordable solutions, we need to consider payback terms and create budgets that take a realistic view of the income available from the housing.

Cocoon will arrange this, together with the provision of off balance sheet funding to give you the power to house people or build now, with no capital spend.


Cocoon is both a consultancy and a developer.

Cocoon has developed a range of products, depending on your needs and your tenants' needs, which we can make available to you on a managed basis, making it easy for you to place homeless individuals, couples and families as you require, in comfortable, energy efficient, suitable housing.

However we can also fund your own projects. We can start from your income streams and your site, developing a proposal and address any other concerns such as energy efficiency, to produce a solution that requires no capital expenditure.


Brownfield sites, garage sites, derelict buildings and micro sites are all suitable.

We can even help with access restricted areas where using a crane or mechanical handling equipment is not viable.

We are open, honest and love what we do. We want to help you create affordable and comfortable homes for your tenants.